Youth Camp

Youth camp is all about developing positive relationships, learning new skills, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Campers live in a cabin with ten (or fewer) similar age, same gender campers and are supervised by two staff. Camper voice is empowered by the opportunity to choose their own camptivities to participate in for the week. During camptivities new interests and passions are discovered as campers gain confidence through meeting new challenges.

The energy level is always high at youth camp whether it is singing songs at campfire, running like mad during all camp games, or making a splash at the waterfront. Youth Camp gives campers an experience that they will be bursting to tell the whole family about.

Available Camptivities Include:
Archery, Arts & Crafts, BMX and Mountain Biking, Court Sports, Drama, Field Sports, Music, Fishing, Boating, STEAM Activities, and Swimming to name but a few!

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Week 1June 11 - June 16
Week 1/2June 11 - June 23
Week 2June 18 - June 23
Week 3June 25 - June 30
Week 4July 9 - July 14
Week 4/5July 9 - July 21
Week 5July 16 - July 21
Week 6July 23 - July 28
Week 6/7July 23 - Aug 4
Week 7July 30 - August 4
Week 8*Aug 6 - August 10
* Special Pricing
Youth, Adventure Short Week: $455/$565
2 Week Camp: $1633/$1423.
Early Bird Discount ends Dec 1: $60 off any registration fee.