Counselor in Training

Building on our LIT program Counselor in Training focuses on how to take our personal leadership and teach them to others. We spend the first week taking a crash course on our staff training and the second week partnered with one of our Youth Camp Cabins. CIT’s are bonded for life as they share this valuable experience together.    

Applicants must have completed the Leaders in Training Program OR be an incoming 11th grader.

The two-week CIT program targets those individuals who aspire to be a camp counselor or have an interest in the youth development field. During their first week, CIT campers spend their days learning the ins and outs of working with children in a camp setting. CIT’s receive training on topics such as building appropriate relationships with campers, being a positive role model, teaching/creating activities and games, and giving positive guidance.

In their second week, CIT’s are assigned to a cabin and get to practice being a counselor under the supervision of current counselors. CIT’s will spend their week as an integral part of their cabin group, participating in the daily schedule and assisting counselors with all aspects of the camp. Follow up meetings with CIT leaders assists in processing leadership experiences and allows for the CIT’s to receive feedback concerning their strengths and areas for growth.

  • CIT’s stay in gender-identifying rustic platform tents during the first week.
  • CIT’s remain at camp for the weekend between their two-week sessions.

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Week 1June 12 - June 17
Week 1/2June 12 - June 24
Week 2June 19 - June 24
Week 3June 26 - July 1
Week 4*July 6 - July 9
Week 5July 10 - July 15
Week 5/6July 10 - July 22
Week 6July 17 - July 22
Week 7July 24 - July 29
Week 7/8July 24 - August 5
Week 8July 31 - August 5
* Special Pricing
Youth, Adventure Short Week: $355/$465
2 Week Camp: $1418/$1208.
Early Bird Discount ends Dec 13: $60 off any registration fee.