Our Own Family Camp


We are excited to bring Our Own Family Camp, a camp for Families affected by Down syndrome to Idaho! Our goal is to offer a camp for families to come up and JUST BE A FAMILY! Leave your diagnosis at the gate, all the pressures of IEPs, therapies and everything else, and be able to bond as a family, forming lasting relationships with other families in the Down Syndrome community!

All our traditional programs will be available, with a few others focused around encouraging families to network and create community around collaboration and understanding. Please be aware, in this family camp we will be running things a little differently than our other Y Camp family camp. Please let us know if you have another family you are interested in bunking with, otherwise families will be sharing spaces in assigned cabins.

Cabin | Yurt 

Adult 18+: $160 |  $150 

Child 0 to 4: FREE | FREE  

Junior 13-17: $145  | $135 

Youth 5 to 12: $130 | $120 

Family Camp Family Member with Down Syndrome: FREE | FREE